We are enthusiasts who have been involved with machinery, especially vehicles, all our lives and have maintained and restored many cars and motorcycles. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to produce the finest possible finishes using the most suitable machinery, media and techniques. The process of refinishing components is fascinating and we continually research evolving techniques.

We recognised a distinct lack of businesses in the area of south Lincolnshire and north Cambridgeshire specialising in producing aesthetic surface finishes we decided to start one. Our mission is to become a non-stop shop supplying quality services tailored to businesses and individuals in the area. If you want for a high quality yet affordable finish on your components then you have come to the right place!

We understand that price is important so we encourage you to bring your parts to us so we can examine them and discuss what you would like done. We will go through the possible processes, the likely costs and implications of your choice so we manage your expectations and you understand what you get for your money.

Rather than tucking it away where you may not find it, let’s be upfront: please read our disclaimer which we believe to fair and straightforward common sense.