What will my job cost?

It is impossible to give a hard-and-fast price before seeing what needs to be done. It depends upon the condition of your components, the particular finish you require and the number of processes we need to apply to acquire that finish.

Please see the Prices page for example pricing based on past experience remembering that these jobs were unique, as will be yours – they are given as a rough guide only.

How can I save on costs?

There are a number of things you can do and we prefer you to do them because while we are performing routine preparation we are not using our expensive machines – so everybody benefits.

  • Thoroughly degrease and clean your parts so as not to pollute the media and to discourage it from sticking.
  • Blank off blind holes and oil galleries using old screws or bolts, bottle tops etc and use Blutack to fill non-threaded blind holes.
  • Mask off gasket faces and other sensitive areas with heavy grade duct tape – while bead blasting does not remove material abrasive blasting does! Remember that the parts will have to be handled and while we will respect them as if they were our own it is the best policy not to take chances.
  • Remove long studs which will make for awkward handling.

Why do we use glass bead and crushed glass?

We use glass bead and crushed glass because they are, for us, the most cost-effective media which will produce the finishes we need. By blasting at low pressure we preserve the media and we change it regularly.

Glass is environmentally friendly to produce as comes from from recycled glass and is inert and environmentally friendly to dispose of in landfill or even by digging into clay to improve soil drainage.

How long will my job take?

This depends upon what you need doing, the condition of the components and the number of processes that need to be applied. For example, if you turn up with a simple part that just needs to be bead or abrasive blasted then we could probably do it while you wait.

For more complex jobs where media has to be changed this could take several days, depending upon how busy we are. For powder coating we can usually blast, mask and coat a motorcycle frame within a week.

May I visit and talk to you in person?

Of course you may; this is our preferred option.

If you have trouble getting through it may well be because blasting is a noisy business! If this is the case please leave a message or better still, send a text or use the email generator and somebody will definitely get back to you.

We can then agree a mutually convenient time and date. Bring your parts with you so we can see what you need doing and we will explain all the options to achieve what you require and can also discuss what you can do to save money.

How Does Powder Coating Compare to Two-Pack Paint?

This is a good question and there are many things to consider. We believe it would be helpful to read our PDF guide to their relative advantages and disadvantages. We don’t claim this to be the definitive guide and if anyone can add points please contact us.

If once you have read it you still can’t decide then please contact us.